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WIEL Carbon Tubeless / Clincher Disc Brake Wheelset

WIEL Carbon Tubeless / Clincher Disc Brake Wheelset

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WIEL Carbon Fiber Wheelset. It questioned limitations, pushed boundaries, and raised the carbon fiber wheelset distancing itself from the competition. It is definitely to be your first choice for wheelset replacement, modification, and upgrade.
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  • - Carbon fiber rims

    - 45mm-rim depth

    - 21mm-internal rim width

    - 27.7mm-external rim width

    - Hook rim

    - Spoke: Carbon spoke

    - Compatible with Tubeless / Clincher

    - Weaving FW: 2:1 2X-disc side / 0X-non disc side

    - Weaving RW: 2:1 2X-disc side / 0X-non disc side

    - Ratchet structure: DT/Ratchet System

    - Cassette bases: HG/XDR/Campagnolo
    - Bearing: Ceramic

    - Weight: 1290 grams

WIEL Carbon Fiber Wheelset focuses on continuously optimizing and improving product performance and quality.

The Carbon Fiber rim is not only strong but also exceptionally light and stiff making the rim both aero as well as stable in windy conditions allowing for more comfort and grip.

Use of high-modulus carbon spokes, offering more lateral stiffness as compared to equivalent steel spokes. Can able to be trued and maintained just like regular steel spokes.

Ceramic bearings offer better rigidity and will allow you to have a more efficient bike, saving you precious watts.