1. Cancellation

We accept order cancellation before the product is shipped or produced. If the order is canceled you will get a full refund. We cannot cancel the order if the product is already shipped out.

2. Return & Refund

We do not accept any reason for return & refund unless for quality issues. Please refer to the Warranty Coverage Items.

3. Warranty Coverage

1) Aluminum alloy fork - 2 years warranty

2 ) Bike motor / Electronic components - controller / Battery - 1 year warranty

3) We will send the replacement parts within the warranty period for free if there are quality issues.

4) Accessories beyond the warranty period can be repaired and replaced after paying the related fees.

Items not covered under warranty:
The Manufacturer’s product warranty obligations do not include: (a) normal wear and tear or deterioration, or superficial defects, dents, or marks that do not impact the performance or functionality of the Product; (b) normal corrosion; (c) use of unapproved parts or unproved alterations to components; (d) defects caused by persons other than the Seller Responsible Parties; (e) accidental damage, competitive use, theft, vandalism, misuse or Force Majeure Events; or (f) items expected to be consumed or expended during the normal and routine operation and maintenance of the Product.

Wear and tear parts that are not covered under warranty include:
Brake pads
Handlebar grips

Please do not heisate to contact us via coco.wu@magic-cycling.com if you have any query.