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JIISO Mini Electric Bike Pump

JIISO Mini Electric Bike Pump

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Product Name Mini electric pump
Material Nylon + aluminum alloy
Size 70x63.3x28mm
Net weight About93g(Does not include Schradervalve thimble)
Battery capacity 7.4v*300mAh (lithium battery)
Charging interface Type-C 5V 1.5A
Working time about 200 seconds
Inflatable pressure 100PSI


Tire specifications Inflation pressure Inflation time Available times
700C25 0-65PSI/4.41bar 50-60 s 4
700C25 0-80PSI/5.52bar 80-90 s 2
700C25 0-100PSI/6.9bar 150-160 s 1
700C28 0-70PSI/4.83bar 70-80 s 3
150 s 1
100-110 s 2
26*1.95 0-35PSI/2.41bar 70-80 s 2
26*1.95 0-50PSI/3.45bar 120-130 s 1

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Why choose JIISO Electric Pump?

Bringing a portable inflator with you is believed to be a must-have "self-defense item" for every cyclist every time they go out. After all, if you need to repair a tire or inner tube, you will inevitably be embarrassed because you don't have an inflation tool. However, portable pumps on the market are generally not small in size and light in weight, and they also have the problem of being inconvenient to carry. However, now we no longer need to "move forward with a heavy burden" like this.The compact, lightweight, and handy JIISO mini electric pump will solve this riding problem for us.

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Super lightweight: Less than 100g

The JIISO mini electric pump is made of an aluminum alloy valve and a nylon shell, and the actual weight of thewhole machine is less than 100g. Compared with the size and weight of portable pumps, the advantages of its own lightness are obvious.

Super mini size

We believe everyone likes the compact and practical portable tool. Moreover, it only requires one button operation to start inflating. It is simple to operate and does not require time-consuming and laborious pumping.

Highly efficient charging and discharging energy: full charge in about 20 minutes 

Before riding, you only need to quickly charge the JIISO mini electric pump with the provided Type-C charging cable, and you can travel with afull charge in about 20 minutes. Preparing before the trip and riding with peace of mind is simply a matter of preparation. 

Emergency preparations for cycling trips

After multiple accurate tests in the laboratory, the current of a 300mAh battery cell in standby mode is less than 1UA. In other words, the JIISO mini electric pump’s almost power-free standby mode can accompany you for thousands of miles every day. There is no need to worry too much about the annoying problem of power outage of electronic products in standby mode.

Strong power output

With the high power and strong output of the brushless motor, this mini electric pump can pump two 700×25C tires from 0 to 80 PSI when fully charged. The 700×25C tire can be inflated from 0 to 60 PSI up to 4 times, and each inflation time only takes about 50 seconds. Of course, you can also crank a 700×25C tire from 0 to 100 PSI and it will do that very well.

Easy to operate and use

The unique air nozzle design can adapt to AV/FV usage specifications and can be inflated to a pressure of up to 100 PSI. The air pump inflation port comes with FV (Presta valve) specifications from the factory and comes with an AV (Schrader valve) pin and seal. It is not difficult to quickly charge an empty tire in a short time with this mini electric pump.

A good choice for high-quality electric pumps

The JIISO mini electric pump not only supports inflating bicycle tires but also can inflate small electric donkeys and sports balls. Compared with the lightweight mini electric pump products on the market, the price of this mini pump, which is as light as 100g, is very favorable.

Universal forSchrader and Presta valveMeet multiple scenarios

Unique valve design, universal for both Schrader and Presta valve. Meet various daily needs, such as bicycle tires, electric bicycle tires, various balls, etc.

Operation Instruction

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