Granitic Kid's Bike- A Good Partner to Accompany Your Child

Granitic Kid's Bike- A Good Partner to Accompany Your Child

Every grown-up child, no matter what age they are, has memories of learning bicycles as a child, the majesty of secretly riding their parents’ 28 bars on the street, and the small sense of accomplishment after removing the training wheels. There is also the envy of trying to ride a friend's bicycle. For children, bicycles are not only a simple means of transportation, but also a way of exercise, a kind of toy that cultivates children's spirit of loving the outdoors, exploring, falling down and not crying, and getting up again.

Generally speaking, children start riding bicycles when they are 6-12 years old. Children at this age are in a critical period for physical and personality development. Most of the things they come into contact with and learn at this time will affect the child's life. The advantage of learning to ride a bicycle is that it can exercise leg muscles and the body well. Balance ability is not only beneficial to children's development and growth, making children taller and taller, but also cultivating children's love for outdoor sports from an early age.

What's more, it also allows children and parents to have more time together. The memory of parents' company at this age is often the deepest. Let the family go out and ride a bicycle together so that parents will no longer be absent from their children's childhood, and use this time to spend time together to keep their children's only one, fleeting childhood.

So how to choose a suitable bike? To sum up, it is to be safe and portable, with both appearance and performance. But sometimes, although the most expensive has its advantages that cannot be ignored, it is often necessary to weigh the pros and cons of all aspects.

For example, Bikemaker Woom, the number one baby bike brand abroad, has long been known for its lightweight bikes. It has an ultra-light aluminum alloy frame and is specially designed for children’s ergonomics. The net weight of the 16-inch model is only 6.5kg. It is a leading brand in the professional children's bicycle industry, but the price of 449 US dollars (about 3216 RMB) is somewhat unnecessary for an aluminum frame children's bicycle.

Bicycles designed for children do not directly reduce the size of the adult frame but design the frame geometry according to the physical development ratio of children of different ages. This is the basic condition. Although European and American brands have more experience in this area, they are all designed according to European and American children, and their body proportions are also very different from those of Asian children.

However, although the price-performance ratio of high-priced strollers is not high, it is not possible to choose some bikes that do not have any quality assurance and only focus on the fancy appearance. This kind of bike often has no frame geometry design and children in the developmental stage ride on them. Over time, it is easy to cause sports injuries prematurely.

In addition, as a kid's sports bike, lightweight is one of the most basic requirements, so don't add too much unnecessary equipment for the sake of appearance. Because the extra accessories will only increase the weight of the bicycle, and it is difficult for children with weak strength to lift it. Over time, the feeling of being unable to control the bicycle, poor riding, and unsatisfactory riding due to hardware limitations will eventually cause children to lose their sense of frustration. For the interest in sports, the car will naturally be left aside and dusted.

So, what should a good youth bike look like? In fact, choosing a bike is very simple. The only important thing is to choose a bicycle that is light, easy to ride, safe, and reasonably priced. It should not only start with appearance but also be loyal to performance.

Granitic youth bicycles for teenagers are based on the characteristics of children's continuous development of body shape, especially for Asian children. Four different sizes of sports children's bicycles are launched, 12 inches16 inches, 20 inches, and 24 inches. They are distinguished according to wheel diameters to meet different growth stages. The child's body structure meets the riding needs of children of different ages. And there are silver/black/blue/pink/green and other multi-color options so that children can fall in love at first sight, no matter whether boys or girls can find their favorite styles, adding a touch of beautiful color to childhood, which starts with appearance started.

Light and fast, sensitive handling

A high-quality youth and children's bicycle needs to pass various safety tests to be considered qualified, the most important of which is the protection of children and the lightweight of the vehicle. The frame of the Granitic 16-inch sports bike is made of 6061 aluminum alloy, with aluminum alloy rims and bearing hubs. The weight of the whole bike is about 6.6kg, which is only 0.1kg compared to the Bikemaker Woom, the largest foreign kid's bike brand!

If you usually ride a heavy bike and encounter an uphill on the road, the child can't ride it, so he can only get down and push the bike, which will greatly damage the child's self-confidence. And a light bike will really make the first few years of riding a bike a lot easier for you and your child! Whether it is going up and down stairs, or pushing a bicycle across the road, even children aged 4-7 can easily lift it up by themselves without relying on adults at all, and they are more confident when riding, allowing children to have the ability to truly control the bicycle. Confidence, no matter the terrain conditions, you can easily face it, reduce the burden on children, let them ride fast and easily, and a small body can burst out with tremendous energy.

Fashionable and generous, good at details

Each Granitic sports bike is synonymous with high-quality, carefully selected materials, and is specially designed for children. After removing all unnecessary accessories, the Granitic bike looks like a real sports bike, which is stylish and atmospheric. The frame adopts an inner wiring design to prevent messiness and make the child ride more handsome and moving.

The 16-inch and 20-inch Granitic kid's bikes all use the high-quality belt drive system produced by the German Continental brand. They do not need maintenance for a long time, they are beautiful and clean, and you don’t have to worry about staining your children’s clothes or being accidentally injured by the chain.

Considering the age of the child, the 24-inch bike can already face some small riding situations alone, and the greater power corresponds to the faster demand, so the Granitic only uses the chain drive on the 24-inch bike. Similarly, the brake system is also set according to the child's strength. The V brake system is more suitable for children of the corresponding age under 20 inches. While braking sensitively, the grip strength required is also smaller. While ensuring children's riding safety, Greatly ensure the lightweight of the bike. The selected double-bearing pedals have a wide and stable pedaling surface, making riding more comfortable and preventing children from being injured by metal accessories on ordinary pedals.

Cultivate love and build self-confidence

A lifestyle that loves outdoor sports can bring life-long benefits to children. I believe all parents know it. What is needed for children to get out of the house and move is to give them a sense of accomplishment with sufficient self-confidence and timely feedback.

When a child owns such a light and safe bicycle, he can really rely on his own strength, instant feedback, direct pedaling with force, and a sense of accomplishment that he can pedal as fast as he has strength. Let your child ride a bicycle and feel the joy of riding, and they will never be able to give up. Granitic believes that cycling is not only a sport but also a positive and optimistic lifestyle. Children can learn about the colorful world through cycling, explore nature, enrich their horizons and life, and cultivate an independent and tough character.

Granitic Kid's bike, a bicycle that can accompany children throughout their childhood, represents the every time companionship and attention of parents, as well as the concern for children's safety and health. This is our mission, to let children grow and develop their personalities while exploring nature and challenging themselves, and exploring this magical world by riding.

Choose a bicycle that grows up with your child, and give your child a wild childhood!



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