BICYC CITY. Life—A Chinese Original E-Bike Brand Focusing on Innovative

BICYC CITY. Life—A Chinese Original E-Bike Brand Focusing on Innovative

Bicyc City.Life E-Bike integrates the concept of sustainable transportation, electric intelligent new technology, with the minimalist design concept, modern technological innovation, with high-performance and opens a new era of transportation with innovative technology.

Minimalist Aesthetics

The new integrated control components and inner wiring design, a fresh vision, and discarding redundant decorations. It can easily catch people’s attention due to its pure beauty, simple and stylish appearance.

High-energy core, intelligent assistance

It instantly senses the pedaling intention and responds quickly to provide assistance, efficiently and smoothly.

Built-in battery, long-life battery

The built-in battery of LG18650 provides long-term battery life, no need for frequent charging, and full enjoyment of riding fun.

Hydraulic brake, comfortable and safe

Shimano MT200 hydraulic brake system brings excellent braking performance and provides a safe and reliable riding guarantee.

Light and Slim

It’s more than 30% weight to compare those of the same levels of e-bikes on the markets. The gross weight is 16.9kg, even slim women can hold it easily. The hidden built-in battery design and without any redundant external accessories, light and simplified, looks like a normal bike rather than an e-bike.

Practical accessories, better experience

IPX5 waterproof auto-sensing headlights, 18kg load rear shelf, front and rear mud-expelling fenders, and durable kickstand....provide thoughtful solutions for riders to travel and conquer different road conditions.


BICYC is to provide creative but practical individual mobility solutions for global users, endow the ultimate riding experience with high-performance intelligent products, and open a new era of transportation with innovative technology. With a vision for the future, we keep exploring the new possibility of two-wheel mobility, to make e-bike a better choice for sustainable development of urban life.

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